Shopping for Governance

I used to like Gerard Depardieu’s performances until he said he would become Russian -just to avoid paying taxes in France, and went on to praise Russia’s democratic character[1]. He could at least have saved the last bit. … Read More

Corruption, Transparency and Foreign Investment: a contribution to the US BIT Model review

This is the note containing a commentary I submitted in the context of the  2004 US BIT Model review. Looking forward to your reactions. Juanita Olaya (c)

La Transparencia Corporativa Paga*

Si usted es el Presidente Ejecutivo de una compañía y le ofrecen una estrategia para reducir riesgos de reputación, ampliar mercado, mitigar riesgos operacionales e incrementar la confianza de sus inversionistas, clientes y  grupos estratégicos (actuales o posibles),… Read More