About Me

Dr. Juanita Olaya Garcia has over 25 years of experience and a proven track record in the areas of good governance, sustainability, human rights and anti-corruption across the world have made her a renowned expert in the field.  Her specialty lies at the intersection between law and society. Having worked with different national and international institutions, with the public sector, academia and civil society, among them Transparency International, Juanita launched her independent private practice in 2008, based in Berlin, Germany.  Juanita has been a council member at the World Economic Forum of the “Benchmarking Progress in Society’s Global Council and has participated in Boards of diverse national organisations. She is currently a member, Vice-Chair and since July 2017 Chair of the UNCAC Coalition. In addition to her engagements as public speaker, her publications on topics of good governance are widely used and referenced. Juanita is a Colombian/German lawyer (Andes, 1991) with master degrees in Economics (Andes 1994) and Public Administration (Harvard, KSG 1998) and a Doctorate (Dr. iur) in International Public Economic Law (Bonn, 2010).  

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