Here’s a sample of publications, including books and reports that have been commissioned.

2019 – La Integridad Pública enAmérica Latina y el Caribe 2018 – 2019

From reactive governments to proactive states.
Chapters 2 and 5

Chapter 2 focuses on public integrity systems in Latinamerica, and the challenges related to coordination and effective implementation.

Chapter 5 deals with political finance as the biggest pending issue in  the region.

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2016 – Dealing with the consequences: Repairing the social damage caused by corruption

What do you steal when you bribe a government official? Do you cause any harm when you negotiate a kickback? Is it any different if “everybody does it”? When does your conflict of interest turn into an improper advantage and harms others? These are questions that judges, prosecutors, lawyers, citizens and activists need to confront when dealing with corruption cases.

Partly funded by OSJI. January 2016
22 pages

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2014 – Integrity Pacts in Procurement
An Implementation Guide

A hands-on guidance document for people and organizations interested in implementing integrity pacts in their procurement processes.

This guide is the second (and updated) edition of the guidance initially published for WIN and TI in 2010 now published by TI.

Link to the document on TI’s website

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2013 – Preventing and Combatting Corruption
Good Governance and Constitutional Law in Tunisia

Written together with Karen Hussmann, this was a contribution to the Constitutional Assembly’s discussions in Tunisia in 2012 and 2013.

Commissioned by IDEA and published by the Center for Constitutional Transitions at NYU.

Link to the document at “Constitutional Transitions”

2010 – Integrity Pacts in the Water Sector
An Implementation Guide for Government Officials

This is a practical handbook that illustrates step by step the main aspects of the implementation of integrity pacts in procurement processes.
The guide seeks to help determined leaders and champions to overcome corruption in public contracting within their own governments. Government officials and other interested parties can use the manual to familiarise themselves with the Integrity Pact and apply it to their situation. The manual emphasises the water sector but can serve as a more general set of guidelines in other sectors.

This guide was commissioned by the Water Integrity Network and Transparency International.

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TI’s 2008 – Report on Revenue Transparency of Oil and Gas Companies

This report was produced for Transparency International and looks into the revenue transparency policies and practices of 42 Oil and Gas Companies across the world.

The document is available in English, Spanish French and Russian.

Link to the document on TI’s website

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How to Reduce Corruption in Public Procurement: The Fundamentals

Handbook for Curbing Corruption in Public Procurement, Part I, pp. 13-105, Transparency International, 2006. Produced for Transparency International

Link to the document on TI’s website

Also available at SSRN

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Corruption in Public Contracting Auctions
The Role of Transparency in Bidding Processes

With Frederic Boehm. Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Vol. 77, No. 4, pp. 431-452, December 2006.

Privatization and Corruption

With Frederic Boehm and Jaime Polanco. In Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker (EDT), „Limits To Privatization: How To Avoid too Much of a Good Thing“. May 2005.

Blacklisting Corrupt Companies

Political corruption and the politics of procurement

Global Corruption Report 2004. Transparency International.

Marco Institucional de la Banca de Inversión

In “Gerencia Financiera”   Ed. Tercer Mundo y Uniandes. Bogotá, 2000.

Compañías de Servicio Público: una administración activa y eficiente

With Mauricio Cárdenas in “Reflexiones acerca del Estatuto Orgánico de Santa Fé de Bogotá”. Bogotá Chamber of Commerce. Bogotá, 1994.

An economic perspective on the process of regulation

Private Law Review, # 17. 1995. University of Los Andes, Law School. Bogotá 1995.